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    Lesson 6.4 is out team, be sure to check it out to hone your check-raising skills.

    As you would have noticed in Module 6, I tend to use PioSolver for a lot of my examples, and use the GTO optimal play as a base to work off. I know not everyone has PIO, and also it can take a little bit of getting used to when it comes to processing it’s data displayed.

    I would suggest pausing the video a lot, and taking time to look over and the absorb all the info. Also I’m thinking of doing a kind of PioSolver basics as a supplement if anyone is interested in that? And finally, if anyone does want PioSolver, let me know I might be able to get you a discount. Or you can go straight to the shop here; PioSHOP
    Also a quick start guide by the creator is here; PioSolver Quick Start video
    I’ve done some work with the owner/creator Piotr, he’s a good guy and if you want to do more of this GTO type of work or study away from the table, I consider getting the software, although it is quite pricey. Or else don’t and I’ll just keep bringing you content :)

    Looking forward to making more Module 6 content soon! Good luck at the tables!


    Dustin Smith

    Just Asking do a lot of these methods still work for 2017. I use to play full time in the winter time, just now getting back into the online world since the United States wanted to be dumb and knock us all off. I’m currently playing on Ignition poker and have been pretty well from being out of the seen. Ft the hundaire and the thousandnaire on there with both winning 100 and 1000 one was 7.70 for 100 and the other was 75.5 for 1000.

    I’m hoping these still work and im sure a lot of them still do, also wanted to say thank you for such great detail so far, this is amazing content, I wish this was around in 2005 lol.

    Thank and you and gl to all on the felt!


    I’ve heard Ignition is the go to site for US players these days? Along with ACR? And both are great value. Yep the course methods will help you crush the competition out there.

    Yesterday and again today I did long sessions on Stars, 888, Party and ACR. And IMO the course content is ideal for the current MTT player pool. Lots of sub-optimal play we can capitalize on!

    Thanks for your positive feedback and GL to you too! Go crush ’em!



    Have to say Kel is even introducing more and updated parts of the course it really is great content

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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