Bounty Hunter: A Progressive Knockout Tournament Course 

  • This course transitions you from a standard MTT game plan to one specialized for progressive knockout tournaments.
  • Learn cutting edge tactics that will allow you to quickly and accurately account for bounties in-game.
  • Guided learning through this poker course means you'll be systematically learning to master knockout tournaments.

Learn PKO Tournament Skills From The Pro - Kelvin "Acesup" Beattie

Kelvin Beattie Poker Coach
  • Professional player for 10+ years with over $5,000,000 in tournament earnings including 10 triple crowns
  • One of the few players to win titles in the PokerStars $109 Bounty Builder, $215 Bounty Builder and $530 Bounty Builder
  • Formerly the number 1 player in Australia (PocketFives ranking)

Kelvin Beattie Poker Graph

What You Get In This Poker Training

40+ power packed tutorials

High quality videos teaching the secrets the top pros use to crush PKO tournaments. Videos average 25 minutes in length and are presented in a way that's easy to follow and understand.

PKO tournament focused

PKO tournaments have become crazy popular across all online poker sites and continue to grow. They now make up a considerable percentage of the average poker players volume yet players don’t dedicate  time to studying this tournament format. Do you?

Learn in-game calculations

After completing the course, you’ll be ready for PKO action! Feeling confident with all manner of PKO decisions and quickly accounting for varying bounties in play is a breeze. Thanks to easy, fast and accurate calculation methods taught.

Over 100 hand examples

See all the skills in action with clear, concise demonstrations. These examples helps to get players correctly implementing the skills in their games, quickly.

Module Breakdown

Factoring in bounties

Get a full rundown of the simple science behind bounty strategy. Learn bounty calculations rarely correctly taught elsewhere. See how we can convert bounties to a chip value.

Early Stage Play

See how bounties can alter the correct decision, especially in the early stage with short, medium and full start stacks. Practice making the right calculations with a quiz.

Mid Stage Play

Zone in on middle stage dynamics including stealing and re-stealing. Learn about bounty factor and equity drop. Key concepts pave the way for quick and accurate responses to difficult situations.

Late Stage Play

Learn how to calibrate your play to account for ICM dynamics including bubble and final table play. Pay attention to when ICM dramatically increases and decreases compared to a regular MTT.


This module starts with a lesson introducing the 4 main factors to consider when isolating. When combined with power numbers, players will be able to use this key technique the pros use to scoop up more bounties.

Covering Stack 

See how strategy shifts dramatically as stack size changes. Preflop ranges shift considerably when it comes to virtually all actions Such as opening, 3 betting, calling and defending the blinds. Post-flop we also see playable ranges alter.

Multi-way Play

Uncover the adjustments necessary to profitably navigate multi-way situations. A sound knowledge of the isolation section combined with some other key multi-way concepts help for accurate decision making.


These lessons introduce players to some of the poker terms and software used, including HRC, PIOSolver and Power Numbers.

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Unlock The Review Of The $530 Tournament Win

Watch all the hands as poker pro 'Acesup' adds the $530 Bounty Builder to his list of PKO wins, which include $109 and $215 bounty builder titles. This review features in-depth hand analysis which really helps re-inforce the skills taught in the course.

Access Starting Hand Charts
(Range Viewer)

Get access to our range viewer tool which reveals which hands you should be playing from each starting position. Over 100 ranges are included for different stack sizes and starting positions.

Get A Personalized 15-Minute Video Review of Your Play

Sign up to the premium course and you will be entitled to a 15-minute video review of your play by professional coach Acesup. Receive a 30-minute video review if you are willing for this content to be uploaded to our Youtube channel.

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Who Is The The Bounty Hunter Course for?

People who want to learn poker quickly in a fun and informal way: At PokerNerve we believe poker should be fun. And as such have tried to achieve the right balance of amusing and technical content videos in all of our poker training content. PokerNerve is here to have you loving poker, and playing a top-level game. 

Regular MTTers: If you are a winning regular MTTer and want to take advantage of the soft PKO tournaments, this course is for you. 

Busy Bees! You are busy with a job, family or other obligations and you would love to find an easy way to learn poker and improve your results. This course can be consumed in bite-sized chunks with only a few hours of study a week or however much time you can spare.

Players who want guided learning: Not sure what you should learn next? Can't keep up with the latest strategies? Don't worry, we have you covered. The course starts at the very basics and works up to the most advanced poker strategies used on the tables today.

Who is Bounty Hunter Course Not For?

 The overnight success: This course isn't for people who think buying a course will suddenly turn you into a High Roller pro. You have to put in the work to see results. 

The sick crusher: If you are already beating tournaments and bounty tournaments for a huge ROI and are one of the most feared players on every table you sit at, this course probably isn't for you.

Players who aren't interested in improving: Do you play poker for fun and don't really care about improving your game? This course is specifically created to help players who WANT to crush MTTs, so this course is probably not a good fit for you.

 Student Testimonials

Jack Sinclair adding WSOPE (for $1,300,000) to his huge list of poker accomplishments.

"Nearly all players are still blundering in PKO tournaments by not adjusting correctly because they are used to playing regular MTTs, but PKO strategy is so different! Acesup has put together the ultimate course with the latest strategies with easy, practical methods giving PokerNerve members an enormous edge!"

- Jack Sinclair, WSOPE 2018 Main Event Winner


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*All 3 of these payment options provide lifetime access to the course. The monthly payment plans simply allow you to spread out the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is applicable to anyone who wants to beat knockout tournaments to a high level. This course is designed for people who already have a strong understanding of general MTT poker as the very basics of poker are not covered. If you need a refresh of the basics of MTT play, we would suggest that you take our Road To Success course first. You can find out more details about this course here.

If you do have a strong understanding of general MTT play, this course will show you both the minor and major strategy adjustments that are required in order to beat knockout tournaments to a high level to gain an edge over the field

There is approximately 20 hours of video content in this course but for the best results one would expect a student to pause the videos while taking notes and rewatch some lessons more than once to fully absorb the content.

While this course does include plenty of general poker strategy that will be applicable to cash games, the content in this course is not targeted towards cash games. This course is specifically only for knockout MTTs and multitable sit and goes.

The payment plan is a more accessible way to gain access to the road to success course.

After signing up, you will be charged 3 payments of $175 - the first will be on the day of purchase and then two more thereafter.

If you cancel payments during the payment plan period, you will forfeit access to the course.

We accept both PayPal payments and credit/debit card payments.

We will also accept payment through popular poker sites (Pokerstars and 888) or crypto currnecy transfers. Please contact for more info on this option.

We offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee with this course. If you are not satisfied with the content for any reason we will offer you your money back within this period.