PokerNerve is a poker website that specialises in providing the very best tournament poker tutorials worldwide. It’s free to join, or you can pay a fixed lifetime membership fee to access the elite PokerNerve Road to Success MTT Poker Course.

The Road to Success Course is similar to what you would get studying a discipline at a university or College. It offers even novice players the opportunity to develop a top level poker game. Featuring dozens of theory based lessons supported with loads of examples, and extra material such as supplement videos. The course is so intensive it takes most several months to complete.

The site was founded by Kelvin ‘Acesup’ Beattie in 2012 and officially launched in 2014. Although the concept of PokerNerve was dreamt up by Kelvin in 2010. At that time Kelvin was primarily making a living by playing cash games at his local casino. However, after recently getting married, and planning to have a family, the thought of spending long nights at the casino to make a living became less appealing.

Driving home at 7 AM when everyone else was going to work and arriving home to find my wife who had been home alone, still in bed just waking up, just didn’t feel right. He recalls.

I knew a change was needed and I had been gradually playing more tournaments online and having success so it seemed like a better way to get income.

However, as a student of the game always looking to improve, and highly motivated to acquire the necessary skills to crush online MTT’s, Kelvin was left disappointed by the training site options available.

I’d have a few ‘ah-ha’ moments when I stumbled across a well-presented video by a good coach but in general I found the training sites really lacked premium content and a 'pathway' to success. It seemed as though their coaching rooster was full of young guys not keen on sharing their strategies in detail, but nonetheless willing to bang together a quick video of a session they played showing how awesome they were and collecting a paycheck for it in the process. The amount of chewing, slurping, time spent silently thinking about things, poor audio, ‘umms’ and ‘errs’, and just overall lack of insight into the game was incredible for an industry which had grown so fast globally. Videos were so hit and miss, well, more miss than hit that’s for sure.

Despite disappointment with what online training had to offer, Acesup put what poker knowledge he had acquired, which was still vast given he’d been playing for over 10 years, to work and had instant success. He quickly started crushing tournaments and also spent a lot of time reviewing sessions and studying the game. He passed on some of this knowledge to friends who had success with it. Others started approaching him for coaching sessions via Skype and many satisfied students insisted that his break-down of even complex situations was second to none and that he should do more with his communication skills and passion for poker.

Creating a complete course was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while. I knew it would take a lot of effort but I’ve always enjoyed and found coaching and spending time developing people’s poker game really rewarding. So I wanted to make a poker course that was the ‘real deal’ and not just a fake promise of making millions. A complete course that once completed and absorbed, would have a student ready to tackle virtually any situation and compete in the highest level tournaments. The Road to Success Course provides that opportunity and overall I’m really happy with how PokerNerve has turned out.

As are the rapidly increasing members who enjoy not just the MTT video content, but the environment at PokerNerve.

It’s just a cool place to soak up some poker. There’s not only a top strategy but some fun videos too, especially Plays of the Week. People are always friendly and helpful in the forum and there’s regular promotions which are a lot of fun and help me build a poker bankroll. The home games are a riot and there are regular freerolls too. But the course is what impresses me the most. It’s just mind blowing the amount you can learn from it. It’s something like 100 videos, each close to an hour long and I have to watch each 3 times just to retain all the info. It’s insane!”  Says member, Anthony Wood (USA).

At PokerNerve we believe poker should be fun. And as such have tried to achieve the right balance of amusing and technical content videos. But always entertaining. If it’s just a quick poker fix, to pick up a couple of tips, or if you’re serious about crushing poker tournaments and taking the course, PokerNerve is here to have you loving poker, and playing a top level game. 

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