Australian born but now residing in Japan, Kelvin 'Acesup' Beattie has been a professional poker player for more than 15 years.

poker coach kelvin 'acesup' beattieHe got his introduction to the game at Crown Melbourne in 1998, where he quickly moved up from low-limit games to the biggest NL games the room had to offer. Acesup considers his biggest accomplishment is being a consistent winner whilst supporting a growing family. Despite never having a large score, his continued success in the game is a testament to his poker proficiency.

Acesup has a wealth of poker knowledge and since switching to online tournaments in 2011, has amassed over a whopping $4 million in winnings along with 10 triple crowns! His pokernerve 'Road to Success MTT Poker Course' is widely considered the most powerful MTT course available, capable of transforming even beginners into strong winning poker players in a matter of months.
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Who doesn't enjoy a good sweat?! Great for strategy and a lot of fun, Acesup streams regularly on PokerNerve's VIP youtube channel. The VIP channel also features 2 MONTHS $40K and 2 MONTHS 50K, bankroll building challenges Acesup undertook. In series 1, watch as Acesup turns $2,000 into over $40,000 playing MTTs in less than 2 months. Then attempts to outdo himself the following series targeting $50K in 2 months! The VIP channel has almost 1000 poker videos uploaded, so it's a vast library of videos showing how Acesup consistently beats MTT poker. Acesup also streams on twitch, be sure to follow here to keep up with the action.

For private coaching enquiries ($150/hr), please fill in this contact form outlining your poker playing history, and what you'd like to achieve from your coaching sessions.

Acesup Wins Seoul WU 2018

Kelvin 'Acesup' Beattie Wins APT Seoul Warm-Up 2018