Here's a quick demonstration video to show you how with our 6-max GTO ranges!

The set of ranges available at PokerNerve for 6-max cash games have been solved using the latest GTO solver software. Basically, these solvers produce 'unbeatable' ranges, for the standard 100bb cash game start stack. The ranges cover all positions and a wide range of confrontations at the table.

Here's an example of the sorts of matchups included in our range pack (see the diagram), taking the player on the button (BTN) as an example. Within the required PioSOLVER software, you simply select the cash ranges and click on the BTN player to see the drop-down list of ranges.

There's an expandable menu for 'vs_3bet', 'vs_4bet', and 'vs_5bet' scenarios. In the current dropdown, we can see the option to see the BTN GTO opening range (BTN_2.5bb), or how the button should respond when facing a raise. For example, clicking 'CO_2.5bb_BTN_Call' will display the GTO calling range for the button versus a cutoff player's raise, whilst selecting 'CO_2.5bb_BTN_8.5bb' will display the GTO 3-betting range (3-betting to 8.5bb).

No more guessing if you should have called or raised preflop!

With the GTO ranges, you can;

  • Check you aren't burning money by raising too loose or too tight from every position.
  • Confirm you are contesting pots correctly against other players preflop raises (by calling or 3-betting).
  • Set up preflop drills to practice perfect play (manually or using software like PioSOLVER).
  • Easily spot if opponents are deviating from the GTO ranges and by how far. Allowing you to identify weaker or recreational players. An appropriate strategy can then be used to gain a larger edge in the game (for example, if players are opening too lose we can adjust).
  • Post-flop play will be easier and any work post-flop will be more accurate having started out with the right ranges.
  • Post-flop work could include things like strategy study in a solver, or practice in a GTO Trainer like PioSOLVER GTO Trainer.

Get the Tools to Become a Winning Player!

If you're serious about winning in the current poker era it's essential to be using the right preflop ranges, and additionally, have them available for doing post-flop study.

It's easy to get started with this powerful system to improve your poker game. If you have PioSOLVER, add the ranges to your collection today and instantly improve your poker game!

Get the 6-Max Cash GTO Ranges now for just $495!

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