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Bounty Hunter Course:

Over 40 power packed tutorials focused only on PKO play.

Easy in-game calculations you can make to adjust equity requirements and ranges.

All the hands from the $530 HR Bounty Builder which Acesup recently took down.

What you will learn:

Factoring in bounties:

Bounty calculations rarely correctly taught elsewhere. Learn how the bounty prize pool influences decisions.

Stage of Play:

How a winning strategy changes in the early, mid, late stages and the final table.

Bubble and ICM Effect:

Learn how to calibrate your play to account for ICM dynamics including bubble and final table play.

Covering Stack:

See how strategy shifts dramatically as stack sizes around you change.


Learn how to correctly isolate so you can use this key technique to scoop up more bounties!

Multi-way play:

Uncover the adjustments necessary to profitably navigate multi-way situations.