NOTE: Pokernerve will soon be bringing you PioSOLVER simulations. These will cover various positions and scenarios around the table. You can use these for study, load them into PioSOLVER 2 GTO Trainer for practice, or simply have them on hand to check you are using the correct strategy at the table to beat your opponents!

Here's some information about PokerNerve's PioSOLVER simulations to help people understand what they include, and how you can get the most out of them.

I don't own PioSOLVER, is it worth it?

We've created an article addressing this exact topic which you can find here. However, as a summary, it depends if you are serious about winning in poker (if you're a beginner, definitely start out with PokerNerve's Road to Succes MTT course). For players with even a small amount of poker experience, with all the tutorials and simulations available today, it really isn't really a lot of work to improve your poker skill with a GTO poker solver. Even if it's to get some tips for a weekend home game.

The chances are most players playing in tournaments with a buy-in over $11 have used or seen a solver solution at some point in their career. Many own a solver and use it to study and improve their game. Here's a typical monthly result of one of my micro stakes students who uses PioSOLVER (also gets some coaching sessions).

A month of a micro stakes grinder. Very easy to achieve with just a little effort (July 2021).

All the tools you need to crush the games you play.

Having the optimal ranges on hand, in PioSOLVER, gives you a massive edge over many of your poker rivals. And if you intend to climb in stake, it's usually the best way forward, perhaps the only way forward in 2022 (other than spending countless hours and money on a poker coach).

I'm ready to take my poker game to a new level!

If you're ready to take your poker game to a new level, follow these steps;

  • Purchase PioSOLVER if you don't already own it (you can also see about downloading a free version but more recently PioSOLVER has been limiting their free versions, try this link and download the 'downloader').
  • Come back to this page and pick up PokerNerve's PioSOLVER simulations (free ones available for practice here CASH / MTT)
  • Follow a few tutorials to get going, practice, and become a poker aficionado!

You're all set! Now go out there and crush 'em!